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Sketches and Doodles #1

Bringing back the sketch / art blog.

Join me on SubscribeStar!

Newly launched SubscribeStar page will allow me to explore more themes in my art. As an artist who has been funding work with the help of Patreon since 2015, I…

Why my artist alley days are over (for now)

It's another day of an email reaching my inbox, letting me know that a convention I used to attend will be held again in the near future, and that sign…
Art Resources

My Top 5 Clip Studio Paint Brushes for Sketching & Drawing

There's just something about the Clip Studio asset store that has me coming back. I admit I may have a slight problem with collecting assets I rarely use, but I've…
commissions open on social media, censored to trick the algorithmCommentary

“Commission” is not a bad word.

A popular trend on social media involves censoring words that are related to selling in an attempt to "trick" the algorithm. But the question is: How effective is it to…

Commissions Open!

Hey all. I have opened my form for new commissions. This time I am offering both monochrome and color commissions. Slots will be limited to 2-3, depending on demand and…