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A drama/queer romance comic about big dreams, mental health and recovery.

Overwhelmed by their success, Michael “Mitch” Rust decides to take his rock band Frantic from the US to his second home, Germany. But the band that used to sell out shows overseas finds itself unable to take off in Europe. Mitch sticks with his decision – but his band finds it hard to deal with the new situation and Mitch’s often rapid fluctuations in mood.

Frantic Live is a comic I’ve been working on since 2017. In its essence the story revolves around a musician’s dreams, the reality of living with bipolar II disorder and how these two work with and against each other. A queer romance plot plays a big role in which topics such as gender identity / presentation and sexuality are explored in depth.

Starting in 2021, Frantic Live is being co-written by Ryn Connar, who helps me flesh out the plot and characterization.

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