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There’s just something about the Clip Studio asset store that has me coming back. I admit I may have a slight problem with collecting assets I rarely use, but I’ve also found a lot of brushes and materials that have made my life as an artist so much easier.

In this post I want to show you my top 5 favorite Clip Studio Paint brushes for sketching and drawing.

The Perfect Pencil Look And Feel

Many digital artists strive to find that one pencil brush. The one that feels so natural, you never want to stop drawing. Whether you prefer the hyper realistic look or a clearly “digital” feeling pencil brush, this list has you covered. All brushes, with the exception of one set, are free in the Clip Studio asset store at the time of writing this post.

1 – Artemus Pencil

Image Credit: artemus

The Artemus Pencil set is a material I’ve discovered fairly recently. The author of the same name included three different brushes in this set:

Artemus HB: A classical, all-rounder pencil brush.
Artemus Hard: A denser pencil that produces clearer lines.
Artemus Big Boy: Closer to charcoal, this one can be used for shading your pencil sketches in big, broad strokes.

Immediately upon trying them, I found the texture and feel of these pencils very pleasing to work with. This brush has tilt functionality, which I find myself using more often on my iPad Pro than my classic Wacom Intuos. Nevertheless, it’s a nice feature to have and produces great lines if you know how to use it. For lineart, I like using Artemus Hard with stabilization cranked all the way up.

Download the Artemus Pencil Brush Set here!

2 – HiBi Pencil

Image Credit: HisB

The HiBi Pencil is another set of multiple brushes with different attributes. This set is not free, but at 10 clippy tokens at the time of writing this post, it’s a steal!

HiBiSoft: A lightly textured, pressure sensitive pencil. It feels a bit more like a pen due to the fine lines it can produce.
HiBiRough: Similar to the soft, but with a stronger texture to it. I find myself using this for lines pretty often.
HiBiPencil (ver.2): According to HisB, this one was optimized for display tablets (iPad, Cintiq) as opposed to pen tablets (Intuos). It has a unique look and feel, a bit like a string worm! I like the effect it produces quite a lot.
HiBiPen: Admittedly, I have not used this brush a lot. It feels like it’s slotted somewhere between the soft and rough pencil.

Download the HiBi Pencil Brush Set here!

3 – SU-Cream Pencil

Image Credit: Yuriky

Who puts their favorite at spot 3 of a Top 5 list?! The SU-Cream Pencil is a brush I love dearly. It’s usually my first choice when sketching, doodling and drawing.

The texture of this brush just feels amazing to work with. Straight out of the asset store, the brush is a bit too bold for me. I have modified it a little by turning down the Brush Density to ~43. This way, the texture gets to shine more while I can still produce thick, dense lines.

It’s a pencil brush that distinctly feels “digital”. It’s buttery smooth to work with. Recommended!

Download the SU-Cream Pencil brush here!

4 – Texture Pencil!

Image Credit: ajdrawsnice

This simple brush titled “texture pencil!” is another one I would call distinctly digital. It is textured, but not in a way that simulates a real pencil.

Whenever I use this brush, I set the size to a bigger one and enjoy the bold, streaky lines. For me, this is the perfect brush for messy sketching and figuring out a pose when working with no or minimal references (yup, it happens).

Any spontaneous doodling and planning is often done with this brush.

On a smaller brush size, it’s a nice, semi-transparent pencil that could work for certain styles of lineart!

Download the texture pencil! brush here!

5 – Lineart Pencil

Image Credit: escente

As the name implies, this is not strictly a sketching brush. However, the lineart pencil by escente is one that I find myself using often for both sketching and lines.

This pencil brush is unique in the way that it has a sort of blurry look to it. This effect is more pronounced when working with bigger brush sizes, but it also has an effect on thin lines. This brush has a soft texture to it, giving it that pencil feel without being overwhelming.

At very small brush sizes, the lineart pencil looks sharp! There is a lot of variety within one brush, which makes it versatile and pleasant to work with. One of my favorites for sure!

Download the Lineart Pencil Brush here!

As mentioned previously, I have many, many more Clip Studio Paint brushes downloaded. However, when it comes to sketching, doodling and lines, these are my most often used pencil type brushes for Clip Studio Paint Pro!

All brushes have been tested on both the Windows and the iPad version of CSP.

Hope this list has been useful! Have you found a new favorite brush?