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Exclusive art and perks for patrons.

One of my biggest passions is creating erotic, queer and openly kinky artwork.

My work features a wide range of identities and sexualities. I often draw cis and trans gay art and dabble in M/M/F and bisexual artwork – among others.

As a trans man, seeing my sexuality and identity represented anywhere is rare. At the same time, I want to showcase that trans bodies can be beautiful and sexy, while showing many different ways trans people experience sex and kink.

With the help of my patrons, I have been able to explore more topics and kinks sometimes dipping into fantasy themes.

My erotic art is where I have the most fun in the realm of fiction while playing with techniques and experimenting with characters, ideas and my personal limits.

The majority of my erotic art features original characters by me, though you may also see my best friend Ryn‘s characters from time to time.

In exchange for their monthly support, patrons enjoy various perks, such as:
    • Early access to my public NSFW work
    • Monthly exclusive NSFW artwork – pack of 3-5 color drawings and sketches, including work in progress steps and timelapse videos.
    • Access to my full gallery of past exclusive NSFW drawings.
    • Exclusive NSFW comics.
    • Access to my patron exclusive Discord server.
    • Discounts on personal commissions.


An original comic set in a fantasy universe with modern elements. A calamity has changed this world and its inhabitants, resulting in a race of demonoid, mutated humans who do not have access to magical powers. In the following decades, they have developed advanced technology but have been shunned from the main cities, now calling the desert city of Terminus their home.

In this non-canon comic, the transmasculine tattoo artist Flaym meets Azur, the notorious leader of a local gang of bikers, the Dead Eyes M.C. As someone drawn to bad guys, Flaym cannot resist Azur’s intimidating charm. When Azur requests a magic infused tattoo, Flaym embarks on a mission to fulfill all of his desires.
(Whose? That’s up to you to find out.)

This 28-page comic and other short comics are available for VIP tier patrons.

Tiers and Perks

My Patreon operates on a “pay up front” basis. Your membership can be cancelled anytime – you retain access until the end of the month you’ve paid for.

Thirsty Fan
2 € per month

► Early access to my public NSFW art

► Occasional WIPs and doodles

► Discord access

The Collector
5 € per month

► Patreon exclusive NSFW illustrations and doodles, including WIP steps and timelapse videos. 1 pack per month.

► Access the gallery and archive!

► Vote in polls to decide what I draw next month!

► 15% discount on personal commissions

► Discord access

10 € per month

►Patreon exclusive NSFW illustrations and doodles in original resolution, including WIP steps, timelapse videos and layered PSD files. 1 pack per month.

► Exclusive NSFW comics (INSTANT access to my 28-page comic “SPECIAL REQUEST” and support future projects!)

►COLLECTOR rewards

► Discord access

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are shown in EUR. To view them in other currencies, visit my Patreon membership page.