Commission terms and pricing

Read on to find out how to commission a custom piece of digital art for your personal use.

General information
  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me.
  • I accept commissions only via the provided form.
  • I have the right to refuse a commission request for any reason, even if it fits my “will draw” list.
  • Payment is to be made upfront via PayPal invoice.
  • All commissions are intended for personal use. You may share the work I have done for you, given that you link back to me and mention if it was edited. No commercial use.
    • Make sure to use my name “Mue” or “Muepin” and a link to my Twitter, Patreon or website.

  • I retain copyright on my art and can post it to promote my services.
  • I work 5 days a week, taking weekends off. This can affect response times for emails. My local timezone is Berlin/Germany.
  • Once started, a commission can take 1 to 4 weeks depending on complexity.
General information for NSFW commissions
  • If you want your art to be explicit, don’t hesitate to include graphic descriptions!
  • You may send me NSFW references. (drawn or photos/videos)
  • Please accept if I’m not comfortable drawing a requested kink.
  • Do not use slurs (tr*nny, c*ntboy, futa, etc).
Commission Process
  • Communication will be via email, so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox!
  • You will receive WIPs from me when I finish a stage (sketch, lines, colors) or if I have any questions. Please reply with feedback so I know if you’re happy!
  • Once done, you will receive the original sized .PNG file for your personal collection, and one watermarked version for sharing.
  • I will do 1 round of small revisions per stage (sketch, lines, color) free of charge. Example would be a small pose change, correcting anatomy, or modifying a facial expression.
  • Always free: If I have forgotten a previously specified detail.
  • Multiple or bigger revisions will come at an extra fee of 5€ per revision. Should this be the case, I will send watermarked/resized previews and send an invoice for all revisions once the work is completed. As soon as that invoice is paid you will receive your final files.
  • I’m willing to talk about a partial refund in case of an emergency on your side.
  • No refunds will be given once I’ve gone past the initial sketching phase or after I’ve completed your commission.
  • You will receive a full refund if I am unable to finish your commission, regardless of progress made on the piece.
Commission samples
Pricing and Options
Style A: Greyscale/Monochrome color drawing with minimal shading.

BUST: 40€

STYLE B: Full color drawing with simple shading

BUST: 50€


Maximum of 3 characters.

Additional Options

Close up / internal view: 20€

Background: starting at 25€ (simple background), depending on complexity

Variations (cum ver., clothes on/off ver.): starting at 10€, depending on complexity

Commission can be kept private for an extra fee of 25% of the total price. Commission can be posted without your name attached for free.

I consider myself to be kink friendly, which means I will never judge for any kinks or fetishes someone is into. However, some things I’d rather not draw at all or only in personal art where I retain full control. I may not be the ideal artist for every kink out there, and I ask to respect my limits listed below. If you have any questions before submitting your request, you can contact me.

  • Original characters, including D&D and MMORPG player characters, etc.
  • safe for work
  • not safe for work
  • humans/humanoids
  • any gender and body type
  • anthro, monster, feral
  • threesomes
  • blood and mild gore
  • dubious consent
  • backgrounds
  • BDSM themes and gear
  • wetting/watersports
  • Fanart
  • NSFW of underage characters
  • non-con/rape
  • pregnancy/birthing themes including lactation, oviposition
  • tentacles, plants (in nsfw)
  • diapers, scat
  • vore, cannibalism
  • real people (face claims as an inspiration are fine)
  • hyper/macro kink
  • racism, sexism, general bigotry
Slots and Selection

My submission form will stay open for a specified time. Make sure to submit your request before the deadline.

Commissions are selected on a basis of personal interest and availability.

I do not accept commission requests via Twitter DM or email.

After the deadline I will take a few days to look through requests and make my selection.

I will make a public announcement on Twitter once all slots have been chosen!