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Against Harassment

Queer creators online are often subject to scrutiny and harassment in response to the content they create.


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Queer characters gay teen drawing kissing BL comics photobooth

Mitch & Finn – The Photobooth

against harassment and bullying in the queer creative, comics and fandom community. in response to the proship debate and targeted harassment by abusive antis

Against Harassment

Rebel Yell Cast

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Canta per me, Amore! (2016)

A collection of short comics about Mitch (he/him) and Sam (they/them), exploring their relationship.

Frantic Live (2018 – ongoing)

Life always kicked his ass, he just didn’t realize why until it was too late. Now Mitch has to adjust to a life-changing diagnosis while still chasing his dream of becoming a famous rockstar.

Special Delivery (2020-2021)

Adults Only

Transmasculine tattoo artist Flaym meets Azur, the notorious leader of a local gang of bikers, the Dead Eyes M.C. As someone drawn to bad guys, Flaym cannot resist Azur’s intimidating charm. When Azur requests a magic infused tattoo, Flaym embarks on a mission to fulfill all of his desires.

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