queer art and comics

Welcome to my website. Here you can find an overview of my work as a queer illustrator of character art, comics and erotic artwork. I am often available for personal commissions and can always be contacted about professional work. My blog hosts updates on my work, guides, and personal posts. I have pages detailing my comic projects, a section to introduce you to my characters, and more info on how you can support my work. Please feel free to have a look around!

About me

My name is Mykel. In the art world, I go by Muepin, or Mue for short. I was born 1989 in Germany and have always enjoyed bringing my ideas onto paper. Around 2002 I was gifted a graphics tablet and began my journey into the world of digital art. My first website was built a year prior by myself as a way to share my badly drawn comic pages with whomever was interested in reading them. Since then, I have been posting my art online, and have been creating erotic artwork since I turned 18.

I have over 10 years of experience in doing commissioned art for private clients. Professionally, I have illustrated covers for books and electronic music singles.

My personal comic project FRANTIC LIVE has been going on since 2018 (co-written by Ryn as of 2021), started after its prequel CANTA PER ME, AMORE! which I drew in 2016.

Other than drawing, I enjoy video games, traveling with my partner, photography and spending time with my adorable dog Nori.