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Newly launched SubscribeStar page will allow me to explore more themes in my art.

As an artist who has been funding work with the help of Patreon since 2015, I have grown familiar with their terms and guidelines and have done my best to not fall out of line with them. However, as my artistic journey continues, I would like to create art more freely.

One of the few sites that will allow free expression of fictional kink is SubscribeStar. It is functionally the same as Patreon, and I have set up my tiers to match the former – they may actually be a bit cheaper for some as Patreon converts my tier prices from Euro to your local currency with fees and a conversion rate buffer factored in.

I want my NSFW art to be allowed to be weird, dark, gritty, and intense. I want it to be messy and explore various types of relationships. I want to draw fanart without worry. What I don’t want is to limit myself because that would go against my core beliefs when it comes to art.

If you want to join me on my artistic journey and see the full spectrum of my work, SubscribeStar will be the place to do so. My Patreon will stay active for the time being, where I will post everything that falls within their guidelines – which will still be the majority of my work!

Nevertheless, I would appreciate your support on this new venture. Anything that I can’t post on Patreon will also not be posted on my usual public channels (for now), as Patreon would require me to create an alias that is not connected to them in any way. The easier solution is to set up a separate paywall as I will still be drawing the same characters in my usual style. Therefore it would be easy to trace back to me even for works posted under a different name.

You can now support me for as little as $2.50 a month and see a portion of my feed, while the $5 tier will unlock everything from exclusives to WIPs and NSFW comics.

Please be aware that the topics depicted on my SubscribeStar may be upsetting or triggering to some. For a list of possible CWs, please view my profile description on the site itself!