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Hey all. I have opened my form for new commissions. This time I am offering both monochrome and color commissions.

Slots will be limited to 2-3, depending on demand and requests! They will be chosen based on personal preference and availability. Meaning that if I like single character ideas the most, I could easily do 3. But if one of them is a full color couple with a background, it might eat up the third slot.

The reason for this limit is that I want to include commissions more regularly next to my other work which currently consists of Patreon exclusive art and comics! I know people still like to get custom art from me which I like to offer, it’s just finding that balance to be able to do both of these things in a timely manner.

Though my information is heavily geared towards NSFW, I do also do general, safe for work art!

Click the button below to access my commission form. I look forward to hearing your ideas.